DIY door decor

I’ve been trying to find something on the door that wouldn’t melt, that isn’t on every door and I liked. Now when I say melt…the sun beams on our door majority of the day and we used to have a wreath that our Aunt made but the sun melted the glue. To help with that we took the storm door off but still kept that in mind.

Spending a lot of time on pinterest that seems easy enough that I could do. Which I did then two houses on our street had it, which may be ok but not our friends next door and just about the same wreath. Then finally…something cheap, easy and SO cute! Plus I’ve never seen it on any door before which made it better.


That’s our door, and I’m so happy with it. The wooden frame and P was bought at craft store and then burlap to tie them together. Which I love! Because it’s tied, I can change it for fall or spring, Easter or so. (Though if you can’t tie it together you could staple the ribbon and the frame together from the back)


All it took was two coats of Rust-Podunk paint and primer. Even was able to finish within a day though allowed more time to dry.

This was great for the wallet too costed 16 for the wood and the paint. The ribbon was 8.99 but used a coupon so I got it for around 6 or so.

Can’t beat that!

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Striving To Do Better

Recently I’ve done some reading within The Kingdom Woman By: Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst. The last thing that I’ve read really sat with me and just had to share with you lovely people. Now just for women but for all people over all. How God wants so much more than ok or what culture has set the standard for. He wants a higher standard than we can think of, wants us to shoot for excellence.

What about when you stand before God He won’t only ask about how much you did for Him but he will judge how excellent it was. How much you put into it. Did you just do it because it needed to be done or because your heart lead you there? Are you getting things done (studies, ministries) done at the end of the night and giving God your left overs?

I know there are so many times that I do or things get pushed off till the last minute. Although reading this really sits with me that I need to make this more of a priority and make sure that God comes first. Studies, putting together my lessons, and getting things together in time so I am prepared for whatever it is that I am doing.

Excellence is a spiritual issue. It differs from success because success generally has to do with how much money you make, what job you have or how much prestige you receive. Success has to do with reaching a level that the world recognizes as successful. While success belongs to a few, excellence is available to all. –The Kingdom Woman By: Tony Evans


The hard part of doing this is letting go of yesterday. The hard parts, the parts we think that we struggled or failed with. But I tell you those aren’t failure’s because you learned from them and grew from them as well. The ONLY way a failure is a failure is by not learning anything. I repeat. . . The ONLY way a failure is a true failure is not by learning anything.

To often in our culture we just do what we can to get by, or what we think is “ok”. Can I ask why? Why is that? Why not do better? God wants SO much more than just Ok and just to get by the skin of your teeth. Yes things happen that are out of our control but you can control how you react to those situations and in return always turn to God. Another way we can strive for excellence. To just have better days then “ok”. To always try our best in everything we do, because that’s what God wants, that’s what God has wanted for us all along and He always will.


I know this will sit with me and stew within my head for a while. How can I be a better Youth leader, Sunday school teacher, parent, wife just over all person and Christian? There is always ways to strive and shoot for better, always ways to improve and I plan to work on those.

So I ask you the same question: How can you strive for excellence in your life? With being a spouse, parent, friend, son or daughter?

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My Tricks with Headaches/Migraines


Seeing as I suffer from migraines and have for years and recently figured out my triggers and how to track mine. I wanted to be able to share it if anyone needed it.

I have shared about “cooling pads”. I use these more than pain killers and they help incredibly so. They have a cooling touch, and also have something in them, it says drug free but it’s a tingly sensation that works and feels amazing as well as soothing. This also helps for pressure headaches for the weather and storms. There are two kinds. Children and the Adult. They both work well Adult is better but sometimes they are behind the counter because they don’t sell as well. Both at Wal-Mart and less than $3.00.


As I mentioned the Adult cooling patch helps slightly more than the kid patch. It’s stronger and seems to be a little colder to me.

Adult Cooling Patch

headache 2

They can be great for smaller headaches or if you’re saving the adult ones for the major migraines or so.

Kids Cooling Patch

While trying to figure something to help without taking pain medicine I read that Lavender helps so I tried lavender candles. They help so much, where I can light a candle and within a hour or two the pain is lessened or almost gone. Works with normal and pressure headaches as well. I always have one on hand and when it’s even close to half used I go buy another. It’s become so helpful and a huge part of me staying off of pain pills. I even have lotion that is lavender to help for when I’m sleeping. When something works, stick with it.

Lavender Candle


Also trying to figure out of it’s diet related or not. For some it is and some it’s not. Here is the list of the major triggers. I was told to take each out for about 2 weeks then introduce it back in. IF the headaches come back then it’s the food. if there wasn’t any issue without it. Now I’m not a Doctor so don’t hold me to it nor think that I’m a professional so please ask a Doctor first.

Another tool is an headache log. Keep track of when, what happened..either weather, dusting or anything like that. If you took pain med.s and what kind as well anything else that you think you need to note. That way if you are trying to figure it out you are able to.

What I log? I log how bad, medicine or not, pressure in the air, weather, and if I dusted or not. I get headaches every time I dust. Update: I no longer get them but I did at one time.

Dealing with the allergy part of the migraines what helps me. . .
I dust about every week or every other week, I am constantly washing blankets when in season and used, staying on top of water filters, took brushes, using bathroom vents, and bathroom mats (I’m allergic to mold), washing the curtains more than once a year (once a season), and I dust the blinds about 4 times a year (10 windows and huge ones..I hate this part). Another huge helpful part is having the right vacuum. Having one that is meant for allergy does help and has better suction.

They are expensive and sometimes can be shocking when you look at them but recently we were able to get this one. I can tell a huge difference and I’ve vacuumed within a week of the whole house and still get the container half full in just one week.


Dyson Animal and Allergy

Hope this helps! I have more that helps me so I may be adding more that helps me as I go.

As Always sharing is caring! Please share to help those that suffer from migraines as well!


Enjoying the little moments..

You grow up hearing how quickly time flies by and how much you never truly understand until you have kids. Lately I feel like I blinked and Serenity is so much bigger. She’s so independent, a huge helper, intelligent, cuddle bug and such a soft heart. She is constantly blowing my mind with the things she says or does.

Lately I’ve been trying to spend more time in the moment, enjoying the little moments. The laughter, the smiles. For a while I’ve been wanting to do crafts and painting with her but just haven’t remembered to bring down the paint or thought of what to paint..then I thought why do we need something to paint, just paint paper! So I got some wine corks, toilet paper rolls and foam brushes and she thought it was the best thing just painting randomly on paper.


Whenever it’s slightly cool enough or it’s not as hot as fire outside going to the park or coloring with chalk. While she picks flowers and brings them to me I just soak in the moments. When was the last time you did this? Just spent time with your kids, no matter the age, and just soak them in. Listen to what they had to say, no matter how silly or whatever it is and just hear what they have to say?Way to often we are wrapped up in being busy and in our own lives.

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Time With God

Why is it when we get so busy that our time with God is the first thing that gets off of our To do list? Yet it’s the most important? Not only that but at that time it’s the time that we need Him the most. When things are crazy, hectic and stressed. That’s when we need to add another 10 minutes, 20 or hour.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time in prayer and in thought about God’s plan. Just spending time in certain verses that speak to me and that have already reached out to me. Which just makes me think more that why haven’t I been doing this more?


We all get busy, either with school, summer actives, vacations, work, parenting duties, or whatever is in your daily duties but it’s such an important thing to put God into our daily schedule. Now I’m not to sure about you but I am a list person, I always have been. So I often have a To Do list..most the time in my head but o busy days I have to write them out and I write time with God on there otherwise it always gets pushed off. I used to feel ashamed by that. Why would I need to write that down, shouldn’t I just do it? Well yes but obviously I can’t so if I write it down, I do it so write it down Heather! So if it works, do it. I rather write it down and it get done and there is no shame in that what so ever!

How can you make God a priority? Making a To Do list, having a devotion first thing when you wake up, Say a daily prayer first thing before your feet even touch the floor, Create a prayer board for your home, Study your bible more or just reading to just study His word. There is so many different ways just finding what works for you.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

God loves us so much and he wants to spend time with Him yes we always push Him off. We always say nope, we’re to busy. Yet he’s always there patiently awaiting our return..I’m not to sure about you but I would get really annoyed if that was me. Just one of the many many amazing things about Him. Always loving, Always forgiving and Always there. Just Open that time and open that door to spend that time with Him. He wants to spend that time with Him and you do to and probably would feel SO much better and relieved for whatever stress you’re carrying as well. It’s a choice that we need to make.

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Thank you my Dear Momma

With Mother’s Day coming up all the lessons that my mom has taught me has been floating around in my head. The amazing example that my mother was, even thought I know she thought she wasn’t. Often my mom tells me how proud she is of me, how much she loves me and just tells me how much of a great mom I am. I grew up always hearing those things..well the last just was threw in the past 2 years but the first two I never doubted. I always, always heard how much she and my dad loved loved and how proud they were of me. Just for being who I was. She tells me lately how great of a mother I am but she doesn’t realize that I learned from her.


See this beautiful woman that I am so blessed to call my momma, she’s my best friend. Always has been. Growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends. I always made fun of and came home often in tears. so naturally she was always there to wipe my tears, to make my day better and make me laugh. She became my best friend. I looked forward to spending time with her and we stayed close, even in High School, College and still to this day.

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, because this is right. Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with a promise – that it may go well with you and that you may have a long life. Ephesians 6:1-3

It wasn’t till we had Serenity that I learned all the challenges that I gave her. I know I still haven’t. I was a hand full. I threw a can of corn at my brothers head simply because he wanted a box I was in… and when my mom threatened to spank me because I was playing with the TV buttons..I gave her my butt so I could go play with them. So full of sass..yup. That was me! That’s just me at a toddler. So I know that Serenity will give it to me I’m sure.


What I don’t get momma, is how you think and can think back on all the times you think you miss or failed. When all I can think of the hours of movies, shopping and laughter. The times we had to turn around because we missed our exits because we were talking to much. The times we share our brownie and ice cream dessert, or how you now taught Serenity the word “shopping” because that’s “our thing”. Momma my dear momma you never once failed but only excelled at everything you did. Just may of ended on a different road than you wanted but still ended up there. And wasn’t it you (a very wise woman) that taught me that a true failure is only one where there isn’t a lesson learned? Therefore there isn’t any failures? Well Not about you, not in my eyes. You really do have a cape to me. You have saved my butt and helped me out more times than I can count. Even flown in and helped. Living out of town helps with that, HA! See what I did there. 😉


Maybe it’s how you learned it from your amazing mom. This is our 4 generations of women in our family. Me, my mom, Nana and Serenity. When we go home next we need a updated one but this is the best one we have. These two women have helped raised me to be the woman that I am today. My Nana is such a Godly example of strength, courage and hardworking. She is so many other things that I can’t even think of. I am so beyond blessed to have these ladies in my life and I thank God every day for them in my life but also in Serenity’s.

118 (2)

Thank you Momma.
Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for always wiping my tears.
Thank you for always being  up for going to the book store.
for always giving me advice from friends, school, to parenting to anything random.
Thank you for always listening.
Thank you for that last piece of pie that you really wanted.Thank you for the hundreds of hours of missed sleep that you missed (that you’re catching up on now with those naps).
Thank you for being the best mother that God could ever give me.
Thank you for being you and being a true Super Mom.

Remember Sharing is Caring!


Nothing to exciting over here

Nothing to big or exciting is going on over here. Oh how fun right? Although I am grateful for that because to often exciting is really craziness or stress in disguised. Though we just turned on our A/C and we thought it was broken when the breaker was off, so that was a moment of thinking we would have to pay someone a few hundred dollars but thankfully just flipping a switch.

Today I had coffee with a close friend of mine and Serenity played with a good friend of hers. Love how it works out like that and when us girls all get together. I know she had fun because when I told her who was coming over she about ran to the door and played so hard she took a 4 hour nap!

I then had a thought to myself as I was trekking on mount laundry. Growing up my Grandma W always loved doing house chores. I always thought she was crazy and could never understand why. Though she is living she has a hard time breathing and sometimes doesn’t fully understand what you ask so I’m not sure I can ask her…but I think I know why.

I know she used to tell me why but then I was so young I can’t remember. She always appreciated everything and everyone. From the sun that shines to the person that brings her mail. I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. I wonder if she loves it simply being the Godly woman that she is that it’s a blessing from God. That the dishes mean she has food in her stomach, the laundry means she has clothing on her back. Knowing her..that would be her thought. Or if it’s because she loves just being there and serving her family. Just feeling needed and taking care of her family. As I was folding 5 loads tonight she came to mind. I couldn’t stop thinking of Grandma. Just how she is, and missing her so much. I’m planning on writing her a letter soon. I could call your thinking. Over the years, she has always said she has loved my letters and treasures them so much. I’ll text my Aunt (who takes care of her) and see how she is doing and see if she is up to talking. Never realized how much she taught me and how much and similar our thinking is.

Do you ever have memories pop into your head while doing daily chores or things and change your thoughts on them?